Today marks World Mental Health Day, an annual event designed to raise awareness about and reduce the stigma attached to mental health problems. This year’s event focusses on suicide prevention, which is sadly all too present in our society. There are some great links here to events and resources.

I’d also like to share with you a recording made especially for this day in 2017 by a wonderful up-and-coming band, Nothing But Thieves, who spoke out in support of the campaign. It’s a song called Broken Machine and its lyrics, like many of their songs, allude to emotional difficulties.

As far as my “discovery” of this band goes, there’s a story behind it. A few years ago a friend came to stay and as a parting gift gave my husband a copy of The Wall by Pink Floyd on vinyl. It was a lovely idea but we no longer had a turntable having, like many others, switched to CDs and MP3s over the years. So I decided to buy my husband a turntable for his birthday.

Since then he/we have bought loads of records and rediscovered the warm sound of music played on vinyl. It’s also reinvigorated our love of music and helped us discover lots of new bands. We’ve also gone to loads of gigs, which has been a great thing to do together; we don’t have family here and it never seems worth it to pay a babysitter just to go out to dinner, but it’s worth it to go to a gig. Live music has become our “thing”, even if at our advanced age we have to take painkillers for sore backs before heading to the mosh pit!

We even went to Sydney a couple of years ago especially to see Muse (or at least used it as an excuse for a holiday) and their support band was Nothing But Thieves, who we loved. They’ve since played twice in Perth and it’s been great being able to see a band at the start of their career when they’re playing small venues rather than stadiums.

There’s a lesson here for mental health too; doing something you love is a great way to de-stress.

So look out for me in the mosh pit clutching my sore back at U2 in November, and take my advice and catch Nothing But Thieves next time they come to town.


If you feel that you’d benefit from talking to someone about emotional difficulties in your life, please call me on 0403 569012 or email me on

If you feel in crisis and that you need to talk to someone urgently, here are some useful telephone numbers (all 24 hours):

Emergency Services                                                      000

Lifeline                                                                             13 11 14

Samaritans Crisis Line                                                   13 52 47

Samaritans Youthline WA                                            1800 198 313                                   

Kids Helpline                                                                   1800 551 800

Mental Health Emergency Response Line

  • Metro                                                                1300 555 788
  • Peel                                                                   1800 676 822
  • Rural                                                                  1800 552 002                    

Sexual Assault Resource Centre Crisis Line              9340 1828 or 1800 199 888

Women’s Domestic Violence Helpline                      9223 1188 or 1800 007 339

Men’s Domestic Violence Helpline                            9223 1199 or 1800 000 599

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